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Golden Cello

From the year 1998 also in Lithuania the contests of professional mastership of doctors’ dentists are organized. The laureate of the contest receives a trip to International Prisma championship.

International championship of professional mastership of doctors dentists - Prisma championship each year takes place in Ukraine. In Prisma championship doctors dentists who have experience in restorative (aesthetic) dentistry may take part.

According to the conditions of the championship dentist have to restore four front teeth. Teeth may be significantly damaged by caries, even completely chipped. Organizers of the championship select even those clients with uneven teeth line. Working participants of the championship are continuously observed by other specialists. Even though dentists compete for victory, firstly, the attention is paid to how a client feels.

Prize of Lithuanian contest - porcelain teeth violoncello. Prize of International contest - golden teeth violoncello.

Doctors dentists, participants and laureates of Lithuanian and international direct aesthetic restorations championships are working at Aesthetic dentistry center VivaDens.

In the year 2000 doctor-dentist Ingrida Ivance (Ivanciute) became a laureate of Lithuanian professional mastership competition and a laureate of International Prisma championship.
Responses in Lithuanian press

Ingrida Ivanciute, DDS:
"I am glad that the professional mastership competition of the year 2004 in Lithuania took place namely at VivaDens premises. During such professional mastership competition we may see the newest technologies of 21st century that are practiced in dentistry. All western potential, the best scientists are creating materials for modern dentistry. Only creative, initiative people which would be able to carry that to us, to Europe, to Lithuanian clients are needed. I am glad that VivaDens is such center where a client of today can receive very high quality services."

International doctors dentists’ professional mastership championship - Prisma.

Prize - golden cello
Ingrida Ivance, DDS, - a laureate
of Prisma championship of the year 2000

The reviews of the panel of experts about the works of finalists of Prisma championship of the year 2000 where Ingrida Ivance, DDS, became a laureate.

Prof. Taisa Skripinikova, the chairwoman of the panel of experts (Ukraine): I have the opportunity for seven years now to observe how participants of Prisma championship are working. And for me as a doctor they awake not jealousy but pride and admiration. They are not ordinary doctors. They are very skilful. What is important, we observe an increase of such teeth restorations, which may be considered as standards. And restorative dentistry enters into a new level, which before may have seemed as fantasy.

Prof. Mark Vulford, London University, a senior tutor (Great Britain): Every year the championship reveals new names. I saw the masters, who under strict regulations of the championship carry out wonderful restorations.

Prof. Valerij Burlaku, the president of association of dentists in Moldova (Moldova): All the three restorations carried out by the finalists are very nice and aesthetic. It's the first time I am the member of the panel of experts and it was not easy for me to evaluate the restorations. What could be better than those smiles and beauty!

Doctor Vladimir Novikov (Russia): This is the seventh time I evaluate works of Prisma championship. I'm proud that I contribute in creating standards in dentistry. There were complaints about quality of restorations last year (1999), however this year all the works are of very good quality.

Responses in Lithuanian press

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