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Indirect Aesthetic Restorations

About Indirect Aesthetic Restorations
Progressive Teeth Porcelain Restoration Technology CEREC CAD/CAM New!
Smile Gallery of Indirect Aesthetic Restorations
Stages of Veneers’ Fabrication

Today we can offer to our clients in Lithuania world-wide standards corresponding restoration of mouth function and aesthetic view from the problematic cases - treatment of joint’s pathology, periopathology, restoration of defects of a teeth line, prosthesis on implants - to individual crown reconstruction by teeth micro-prosthesis (laminates, systems of inlays/onlays).

As economical conditions of life are improving, we may pay more attention not only to a function of mouth cavity, but also to aesthetic view.

Many years for indirect aesthetic restorations the metal ceramics crowns were chosen. Inside such crown there was a metal core and around it - porcelain (teeth color material). Light doesn’t accumulate in natural tooth, but the metal inside a crown reflects light, and due to this cause tooth prosthesis seems unnatural. Also, a “black line” appears close to gum’s line, around the metal ceramics crown, this way even more emphasizing unnaturalness.

Teeth before and after indirect aesthetic restoration CEREC

In current times, stamped crowns are used more rarely. All modern prosthesis are made using precise technologies. Meanwhile stamped crowns produced earlier were imprecise, because they did not match individual needs.

Modern treatment is complex: direct aesthetic restoration, indirect aesthetic restoration, treatment of periodontal diseases, and correction of gums.

Non-metal ceramics crowns made in laboratory and exactly adjusted, in your mouth are cemented to natural tooth tissues by using resin cements containing fluorine. To harden cement and to adhere reliably a tooth with porcelain an odontological ultra-violet radiation is used. This process of adhesion decreases a possibility for caries to occur on the surface of natural teeth and ensures durability of restorative works. Without doubt, with advancement of technology, prosthesis serve longer, the possibility to correct them directly in a mouth becomes present.

Avoiding allergic reactions and aiming at precision, more fusions of noble metals are used. For crown carcass production, galvanization, computer technologies are used.

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