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Modern technique and technologies

Digital X-ray: 3D and Panoramic Orthopantomograms

New! From October, 2014, VivaDens provides 3D - computed tomography (CT) and panoramic orthopantomograms by very precise and minimized-X-ray equipment Orthophos XG from Sirona, Germany.

For convenience of dental clients, establishment of more precise diagnosis and more qualitative treatment VivaDens makes panoramic orthopantomograms for its own clients and those from other dental clinics. A panoramic radiography equipment KODAK 8000 which was procured in the beginning of 2009 is characterized by safety, precision, high quality images, minimized flow of x-rays in accordance with body constitution of each client.

Radiography equipment does not trouble clients, an orthopantomogram (x-ray image) is made during several minutes. As a regular dental x-ray images, it is saved in a computer data base, thus it is easily accessible and used, if needed. That assists doctor dentist to better and more conveniently evaluate a course of treatment and its results. Upon request of a client, orthopantomogram is printed or written into a compact disk (CD).

Generally panoramic orthopantomograms are taken when wishing to evaluate the condition of periodontum (connective tissue between tooth root and neck), establish pathological formations in jaws and possibilities of implantation. In case of sectional secondary adentia (lack of teeth), segmental panoramic orthopantomogram is sufficient and that allows to minimize additionally a flow of radiological rays. VivaDens doctors-dentists preserve not only teeth tissues, but also general health of the clients by selecting minimal orthopantomogram segments and flows of x-rays. A flow of x-ray of panoramic radiography equipment KODAK 8000 for one orthopantomogram is up to 30 microsieverts, i.e. about thousand times less than, for instance, in x-ray computed tomography of the head.

The most advanced technique, modern technologies and materials which are used more extensively in VivaDens allow providing to the clients more qualitative and reliable dental services by increasing a quality of dentistry services and price ratio.



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